Travel Risk Mitigation During a Pandemic

Life Happens. If you’re traveling this season for reasons beyond your control, we have some common sense ways to reduce your risk.

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To be clear, we don’t recommend you travel this holiday season, and we’re not public health experts. But sometimes life happens. A close friend of Fix the Mask is driving across the country to take care of his mom while she recovers from heart surgery, and he wanted to know what he can do to decrease his risk of contracting COVID. If you absolutely must travel, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Set boundaries with your party. the reality is everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to COVID prevention hygiene. We recommend gathering the folks you’re traveling with and putting together a list of what you will and won’t do. Take turns adding the preventative measures that are most important to you, and have everyone sign the list once it’s written. Setting clear expectations is one of the best ways to make sure everyone feels accountable for the safety of the group.

Again, we can’t state this enough, we’re not public health experts. But we are engineers that have been reading up on the latest data and are excited to share common sense solutions with all of you. Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season.

Stay Safe,

The Fix the Mask Team

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