COVID-19 Holiday Gift Guide

We started Fix the Mask for a variety of reasons, but among the biggest is the fact that our father is asthmatic and immunocompromised. A side effect of this is that he’s become increasingly interested in what gadgets and tools he can have at his disposal to manage his risk against airborne threats like COVID-19, the flu, smoke, and pollution.

We’ve taken this into consideration when shopping for him this holiday season, and thought you all might find it useful for any of the low risk-tolerance folks on your shopping list.* Take advantage of some Cyber Monday deals to get your shopping done early!

Introducing: Our COVID19 Holiday Gift Guide**:

Sanitizer + PPE

  1. Naked Bee Orange Blossom Honey Hand Sanitizer: We love this hand sanitizer because it smells amazing, and has 70% ethanol content (The FDA recommend at least 60%). It’s way easier to have a good hygiene routine when it smells delicious. They’re offering 20% off for Cyber Monday.

Air Quality

  1. EG Air Quality Monitor: Given that COVID-19 is an airborne disease, keeping your air clean is one of the best ways to decrease risk. Interestingly CO2 levels are a great proxy for how clean your air is. Based on the Amazon reviews, the EG Air Quality Monitor seems to be the most accurate, and it’s portable. We hope our dad can use this to ensure the air in his home is clean, especially when contractors like plumbers or wifi customer support people come to help him troubleshoot household issues. At $116, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but we’re hoping the extra cost is worth it. If you find any cheaper alternatives, please leave them in the comments below!

This year the best gift we can think of giving is peace of mind. We hope these suggestions help you knock a few items off your shopping list, and ensure you and your loved ones breathe easy.

Stay safe, and have a happy holiday season,

The Fix the Mask Team

*We know this might seem overkill with vaccines being rushed to distribution, but we aren’t out of the woods yet, and many of these suggestions will have applications for fire and flu seasons in 2021.

**We don’t receive profits from any of the products recommended on this list apart from the Essential Mask Brace. We swear these are just our favorites!

***Please note that Fix The Mask cannot guarantee filtration efficiency of any masks that you purchase, as each of our data points represent 1–3 samples from a single point in time, and we have no relationships with any of the brands to maintain their quality.



The latest data and information on the Essential Mask Brace and masks in general.

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The latest data and information on the Essential Mask Brace and masks in general.