Life Happens. If you’re traveling this season for reasons beyond your control, we have some common sense ways to reduce your risk.

To be clear, we don’t recommend you travel this holiday season, and we’re not public health experts. But sometimes life happens. A close friend of Fix the Mask is driving across the country to take care of his mom while she recovers from heart surgery, and he wanted to know…

Last Updated: 2/12/2021

We’ve tested the most common masks that we could find. This is how they stack up.

Test Method

The problem with mask testing is that most testing standards have a lot of variability.

Getting in touch with the main mask testing labs during the pandemic has been a struggle…

Latest fit and filtration data for V1.0 and V2.0. Last Updated 5/24/2020

Fit Data

There are two ways to validate mask fit that are widely used in hospitals. The first if the Saccharin/Bitrex Test, which involves shoving your head in a bag while an unpleasant gas is released — if you can…

Is it true that surgical mask material can never be as good as N95 material?

Last Edited: 10/27/2020

What’s the difference between SM and N95s?

As you can see below, while N95s have an extra layer, filtration is not the extra layer’s main function.

Source: 10:03,

The melt blown fabric layer is the part that does the bulk of the filtration, as you can see from the relative scales of the spun-bond vs melt…

Fix The Mask — the technical.

The latest data and information on the Essential Mask Brace and masks in general.

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